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Pseudogod - Sepulchral Chants

Pseudogod - Sepulchral Chants

Label : Nuclear War Now! Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Nuclear War Now! Releases ‘Sepulchral Chants’ of Russian blackened death squad Pseudogod on vinyl after it having been released on CD last year. This compilation consists of songs which can be found on the following earlier releases; ‘Illusion Of Salvation’ demo, ‘In Void And Serpent The Spirit Is One’ split, ‘Triumphus Serpentis Magni’ MLP, ‘Four Wings Of Blasphemy And Abomination’ split, ‘The Pharynxes Of Hell’ EP, split with Morbosidad, bonus for the ‘Illusion Of Salvation’ picture LP, rehearsal 2007 and rehearsal 2014. So, it gives a good overview of everything the band has released before and after ‘Deathwomb Catechesis’. The style of both the older and newer body of work is the same, in other words raging blackened destroying everything in its path death metal. Totally not suitable for delicate souls and people that want melody in their death metal. Covers of ‘The Gate Of Nanna’ (Beherit) and ‘Blood War III’ (Antaeus) which are featured on this compilation say it all.

The ‘Sepulchral Chants’ compilation is welcome addition for anyone who doesn’t own any of the splits and such of Pseudogod and also for those who want it all easily together in one place.

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