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Earthgrave - First Snow Of The Final Winter

Earthgrave - First Snow Of The Final Winter

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : A bunch of friends, earlier active in various death, black and doom metal bands in the underground scène of Helsinki, united in 2016 and soon they released a first demo. Now the full length debut album, called ‘First Snow Of The Final Winter’ happens to be ready. By the way, you can find the four songs of the demo also on this disc. Earthgrave plays very melodic death metal, with loads of amazing leads and the rough death metal grunts of Tuomas Virtanen.

The theme of this album is ice cold and grim: a nuclear holocaust, with an eternal winter and death as result. The eight songs are regaled with keyboards and any symphonic arrangements, but the focus remains the fervent guitar skills of the guys and the catchiness of the compositions. Beautiful melancholic leads are the absolute surplus value. They remind us more than once of Amon Amarth. Out of their own country, bands such as Wolfheart and Insomnium might be mentioned as points of reference. Of course one cannot call this a paradigm of originality, but bands like this really make meritorious albums – fine production, variation in the songs, and so on – that’s why we cannot get enough from them! Worth your genuine support!

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