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Cochise - Swans And Lions

Cochise - Swans And Lions

Label : Metal Mind Productions | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Although Cochise is mainly active in their home country Poland – with extensive touring all over the country – they also regularly create sure-fire new albums in the alternative rock genre. ‘Swans And Lions’ happens to be their fifth studio album and the successor of ’118’ and ’The Sun Also Rises For Unicorns’. Again ‘Swans And Lions’ brims with compact, catchy songs with enough variegation to speak of an engrossing listening experience. Vocalist Pawel Malaszynski regales them with expressive, heartfelt vocals, reminding us in some of the songs of Alice In Chains, on the other hand his vocal performance is also a bit reminiscent of Jim Morrison of The Doors.

Smooth rocking, with a pinch of sex appeal, ‘16’ opens the festivities. It is a song enriched with fervent guitar soloing of Wojtek Napora. The heavy riffs in ‘Crystal’ get dissonant and repetitive and this happens to be one of the four songs they already shot a video clip for. The band surely has hit potential and knows how to invigorate this. With the frivolous, lower sung ‘Neverland’ and the slower ‘Beautiful Destroyers’ they slacken down pace. Making room for the sensual ‘Pain Of God’ (video) with sensitive solo and the Alice In Chains allied ‘Winter’. Fetching rhythms and smooth chants in the new wave flavoured song ‘Control’ (video). They play very tight and skilful, that’s why the calmer ‘Swans’ (video) and ‘…And Lions’ also blow your speakers in a positive manner, the latter one including an ethnic outro. The bonus track appears to be the introvert’ Secrets’. This is a typical record to enjoy to the max with this BBQ weather.

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