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Burn The Priest (Lamb Of God) - Legion XXX

Burn The Priest (Lamb Of God) - Legion XXX

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : In the early years of Lamb of God, the members played in the attic room of Chris Adler and went through life as Burn The Priest. Under that name they released the album with the same name in 1999. I.a. due to the changed members within the band, the five changed the name Burn The Priest to Lamb of God in the same year. And now, almost twenty years later, the old name is brought out again.

At 'Legion: XX' Burn The Priest presents an album full of covers, which hails back to the music that the band members grew up with: hardcore, punk and cross-over. This 'Legion: XX' is not a metal album but one with intense, raw punk oriented tracks. Tracks from bands such as Agnostic Front, The Accused, Bad Brains and Cro-Mags are passing by. And the result is appealing. Especially the extremely raw 'Inherit The Earth', 'Kerosine' the pumping 'Jesus Built My Hotrod' and 'Dine Alone' stand out for me personally. The versions are all very tight and the intensity is all present. Add to that the audible pleasure that the members have in playing the tracks and it is clear that 'Legion: xx' is an entertaining album.

Reverting to the name and music which originally inspired the band, Burn The Priest sounds rawer and more intense than ever before on 'Legion XX'. For fans of Lamb of God probably great entertainment until the five return under their usual name from their 'hiatus', for lovers of raw punk rock a feast of recognition.

‘Legion: XX’ track list:
Inherit The Earth (The Accused)
Honey Bucket (Melvins)
Kerosene (Big Black)
Kill Yourself (S.O.D.)
I Against I (Bad Brains)
Axis Rot (Sliang Laos)
Jesus Built My Hotrod (Ministry)
One Voice (Agnostic Front)
Dine Alone (Quicksand)
We Gotta Know (Cro-Mags)

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