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Fractal Gates - The Light That Shines

Fractal Gates - The Light That Shines

Label : Rain Without End Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : 'The Light That Shines' is the third - I just do not count the live album 'Live in Paris' from 2015 - album of the French Fractal Gates. The five, led by Stéphane Peudupin (Ex-Inborn Suffering, Ex-Lethian Dream) and Sébastien Pierre (Enshine, Cold Insight, Ex-Inborn Suffering) presented themselves on the previous albums with atmospheric melodic death

The musical approach on the new album hardly differs from that of predecessor 'Beyond The Self': melodic death, some doom influences and a thick layer of keyboards, with which much emphasis is placed on an atmospheric layer. Elements of previous albums, such as catchy melodies, progressive elements, fascinating riffs, a deep grunt, surprising twists, heaviness, atmosphere and complexity, are now again very present. This all is packed in thirteen fascinating tracks, although honesty tells me that three of the thirteen tracks are more musical pieces. Yes, that was also the case on the previous album and the parallels with that album are very clear. Not only because the intermezzos have the same name (yet a different number, duh!) as those on the previous albums. And now, too, the album has been mixed and mastered by none other than Dan Swanö, although this time a contribution by him with his vocals is omitted. Guest roles are now attributed tby Ben Ellis (Scar Symmetry) on 'Arise', Jérôme Boumendil on 'Chasing The Line' and Jari Lindholm (Enshine, Ex-Atoma, Ex-Slumber) on 'The Light That Shines'. The band members are all lovers of science fiction and textually the album focuses on the future, awareness and self-awareness, the unknown, the beauty of the universe and possible extra-terrestrial encounters.

The third album is also a highly enjoyable album, full of atmospheric melodic death. The similarities with the previous album are very big, but the fans probably won’t mind for 'The Ligt That Shines' guarantees the necessary listening pleasure.

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