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Mother Bass - Mother Bass

Mother Bass - Mother Bass

Label : Freya Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : A four-piece band from our own country. In the classical line-up with vocals, guitar, bass and drums. With a few musicians who have been participating in music for a few years, in bands like Armed Cloud and Ernst van Aaken Band. And who have found each other since 2015 under the name Mother Bass. So far nothing strange going on, right? Unfortunately that changes after listening to the eponymous CD of the four young men; this is simply not good enough.

To a large extent Mother Bass suffers from the ‘unfortunately not-syndrome'. The vocals of Daan Dekker unfortunately are not good enough. He sings but at the same time nothing of what he sings comes to you. He actually misses everything for an attractive voice: warmth, flexibility, power and reach. The instrumentation of the three other gentlemen is rather clichéd and that is an understatement. Not once have I been impressed by a riff, a solo, a break, or anything else that could appeal to the imagination. To make things worse, the song material is not of a decent level either. Quite obligatory, quite meaningless, very flat. Sometimes you hear some encouragement for good ideas ('Silver Spoon' and especially the more subdued tracks like 'Grand Old Town' and 'Strangers Once', even though those are the songs in which Daan Dekker confirms my previous comments about him), but it always remains limited to just a few good parts of music. And Wouter Bude - who has bands like Navarone and Orgel Vreten on his resume - has not been able to make this album sound decent: the album sounds like it is recorded with amateur equipment in the rehearsal room. The fact that the band dares to name bands like Soundgarden and King Crimson as references in terms of sound is of course laughable. Not to say ridiculous. Then I can no longer take you seriously as a musician.

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