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Overdrivers - Rockin’ Hell

Overdrivers - Rockin’ Hell

Label : Dooweet | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Re-release

Cor : Quite some bands inspired by AC/DC have made their rounds in my stereo, but this French version Overdrivers is still new to me, even though this album is a re-release of the in 2016 released album. Actually this could easily be a re-release of an album somewhere from the eighties; this is a musical trip back into time. Watching some live YouTube footage makes you believe these guys still living in those days, including those same stage outfits. This could be some Spinal Tap kind of spoof; even the artwork is something considered not-done nowadays. Still, it seems these guys do take themselves and their music very seriously and are very happy with their "second chance". Of course, all these appearances are just things on the outside, and don't tell anything about the quality of these musicians and their music; these guys sure know how to produce a pretty decent piece of music. Creativity is not their strongest point, and everything has been done before lots of times (and often better), but mostly it's been done more appealing in a way. Technically this is pretty okay, and sometimes even overachieved in an annoying way; in this music a filthy Chuck Berry solo can be much more fitting than a waterfall of notes in the Malmsteen tradition in my humble opinion. I'm sure an evening with this band on stage at your local pub, could be a well spend night, but this album does not add anything to what's been done the past 40 years by many others.

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