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Skinless - Savagery

Skinless - Savagery

Label : Relapse | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : In 2013 Skinless returned with the line-up of the debut album plus extra guitarist Dave Matthews after having been away for some time. This resulted in the fine album ’Only The Ruthless Remain’ that came out in 2015. Meanwhile there is a new (sixth) album.

Where the band basically always delivered great New York Death Metal it seems they wanted to reinvent themselves on ‘Savagery’. The balance between the brutal fast parts and the more midtempo groovy passages seems to be a bit lost. The focus lies more on the midtempo adventures, which is okay in a sense. You just have to be really good to get a proper result. Just take a look at Obituary who are masters in this style. Skinless is more in Six Feet Under’s league I’m afraid. The somewhat muffled production doesn’t help either. So, I am not completely convinced by this album. It’s not bad, but I think it is one of those albums you listen to a couple of times before it ends up collecting dust. Even the guest vocals by former singer Ryan Wade and Damian Lesky (Broken Hope) cannot change the overall view. Perhaps the bonus track ‘High Extinction Rate, originally by Crowbar, sums up the direction Skinless went into. Personally I just listen to a song like ‘Tampon Lollipop’ one more time.

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