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Chapter7 - Frozen Fields

Chapter7 - Frozen Fields

Label : Painted Bass Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : The Dutch answer to the (acoustic) variant of Alice in Chains? You could certainly call Chapter7 so. The music of the four gentlemen is strongly reminiscent of the acoustic, dark work of the band from Seattle. Where the emphasis for Chapter7 is more on 'catchy' than on 'heavy'.

So it is all very catchy what we hear on 'Frozen Fields'. The songs are fairly accessible, are quite easy to listen to. Especially the choruses have pretty strong melodies that make it possible to sing along with quickly ('Down'). Singer Jeroen Bruers does not really have a great voice, but his sound fits well with the music of the band. What I find particularly unfortunate is that his voice never sounds natural; you constantly hear an effect (a distortion) on his vocals. And that's a shame. Guitarist Dennis Cruyssen plays well, without being dominant in bold riffs or dazzling solos. As far as I am concerned he should draw the overall sound a bit more to him, to his guitar. Most notable band member is undoubtedly drummer Roland Baak: he plays fantastic. Very ingenious, very loose, very powerful. When the band manages to add a bit more excitement or creativity (in songs like 'Ride On' and On My Own 'I already hear something going on), we have a really good band in Chapter7. The potential is there without a doubt.

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