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Secret Society - The Induction

Secret Society - The Induction

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Wim R. : If you like some mystery, Sweden is the place to be. First there was Ghost, where we find some nameless ghouls. And now we have Secret Society, a band or project where only the names of the vocalists are revealed. The whole project was produced and mixed splendidly by King Diamond guitarist Andy Laroque. The production job on this EP is phenomenal. The biography states that the band (or person, we don not know, do we?), took a year and a half to write the five songs on ‘The Induction’. And it shows, all songs are well composed and convince you easily.

Former Metal Church Ronny Munroe has the honor to kick the EP off with the song ‘Broken Crutch’. He spits, growls and screams in a convincing way backed by a very impressive musical background. It reminds you of Judas Priest’s ‘Painkiller’. Quality wise this song is in the same league as the Priest classic. The next song has a vocalist that looks out off place at first. Paul Sabu handles vocals on ‘Monsters’. He does a more good job on it. Normally Sabu can be found as singer/songwriter in the melodic and AOR genre. Paul Sabu is the thread that runs through this EP, as his vocals can be heard on all five songs. ‘Broken By Design’ is a nice, daunting track. The addition of keyboards gives the song that bit extra. Vocally Joe Basketts (Shy/Tony Mills) really kicks ass on this song, this boy has a future for sure. Closer ‘Waysted’ is another metal party, where Troy Norr (Coldsteel, Them) handles the lead vocals.

This EP is a nice surprise, that really wants you to hear more of this band. How and will Secret Society perform live? With four different lead singers and the anonymity of the band, that might be difficult one. But if they decide to only release albums with this quality, they have my blessing.

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