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Asphagor - The Cleansing

Asphagor - The Cleansing

Label : Black Sunset | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Kampen : It of course depends on what you are looking for, but as a music critic, it is kind of a bummer that more and more record labels send online streams or downloads, rather than actual promo CD’s. Well, if it is in regards to a good album, that is, and to be fair, the majority of all releases are mediocre at best. When talking about mediocrity: Asphagor. This Tiroler orchestra is a typical example of a band that knows how to handle their instruments, but simply does not rise above the cesspool of mediocre bands. We are introduced to some kind of black metal-ish music, with punk, heavy metal and even soft proggy passages. ‘The Cleansing’ does not actually excite me, but I also do not hate it. Which is difficult. I would rather write about a very good, or a shitty record. At least, I would have something to say.

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