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Exiled - Ghost In The Winter

Exiled - Ghost In The Winter

Label : Killer Metal Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Despite the fact that Exiled was established back in 1997, the band from Phoenix / Arizona / U.S.A. are still an unknown force in our area. If it is up to me, this will chance a.s.a.p. ‘Ghost In The Winter’ is the band’s fourth full-length after ‘Exiled’ (2002, which was re-released under the ‘Blade Of Death’ moniker on vinyl), ‘Fortune Teller’ (2003) and ‘Blood Sea’ (2007). All previous albums were released through Hellion Records, but now the band is signed with Killer Metal Records.

After a hiatus of over ten years, Exiled are back on track now. ‘Ghost In The Winter’ brings us that classic American heavy / power metal that has reminiscence of such acts as Helstar, Sanctuary or Overkill. These are not the least names to be compared with, but Exiled delivers the goods on their most recent release. Exiled made a modern classic heavy metal album that showcases (Ritual Steel’s) John Cason’s powerful voice and the band’s sublime song writing. U.S. metal isn’t going to get much better than Exiled this year.

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