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Nekrokraft - Servants

Nekrokraft - Servants

Label : The Sign | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : After the debut in 2016, this year we can welcome the second full-length album of the blackened thrash metal band Nekrokraft. Founded back in 2012 this Swedish combo which started as kind of a of ‘schnappsidee’ of singer Angst (who some of you might also know from Witchery) and the other musicians, developed quickly into a band to be taken seriously. Because I can assure one thing immediately after the first seconds: the quality has increased so much compared to previously published material that you have to check whether it is actually the same band. This is just so much tighter, more aggressive and catchier as anything I have heard of the five Swedes up to now.

With ‘Servants’, Nekrokraft unleash such a beast of an album that will just attack your ears, and just a little tip for you: don’t put this record on with your stereo on full volume if you're going to play this for the first time, because you will definitely get an heart attack! No kitschy, superfluous intro. No, they just directly punch you in the face! Heartbreaking screams, screeching guitars and an incredible drum shot create such an overwhelming force that makes an escape almost impossible, because it contains so much power. Even melodies are inserted so well that they provide more power, and fortunately the music does not sound too playful and creates a dramatic character that just does not sound too mainstream. ‘Servants’ therefore is a nice addition for anyone who can handle atmospheric, hard metal. So get your copy on 4th of May!

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