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Depravity - Evil Upheaval

Depravity - Evil Upheaval

Label : Transcending Obscurity | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Australia has since a couple of years become a recognized supplier of extreme metal bands. Ulcerate, Dawn Of Azazel or Vomitor are names that are given the deserved praise. Depravity can also be added to the list because their first full-length album 'Evil Upheaval' turned out to be a great album. It is an album that evokes comparisons with great bands like Suffocation, Immolation and Incantation even. It is an album that is incredibly heavy, but with a keen eye for groove, melody and dynamics.

'Insanity Reality' is a song with guitar work that penetrates your abdomen and lays eggs there. The egg hatches during 'Repugnant' and the raging 'Despondency'. What eventually comes out of those eggs is not entirely clear, but it ensures that you cannot sit still for the rest of the album and rhythmically body parts move back and forth, without you having control over it. From extremely fierce and infinitely rhythmic to slightly progressive, 'Evil Upheaval' is an album that can compete with the big names in the genre and then undoubtedly do even better. In terms of songwriting you would not believe this is a debut album, being on this level already is great, it only puts a lot of pressure on album number two. If the band has the same creativity and courage as they had writing this album, it cannot be anything other than a new stunner. But first buy this 'Evil Upheaval' and invite the band for a few festivals this summer, because they deserve it.

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