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Engel - Abandon All Hope

Engel - Abandon All Hope

Label : Gain | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Engel is a Swedish melodic death metal band that has made a huge name for itself with their last four albums. They have the gift, like many Scandinavian bands, to create heavy songs structures packed with tons of melody. On album number five they happily continue in the same way and have now clearly found the perfect recipe for an excellent album with just hits and no misses.

From the first song 'The Darkest Void' it is a melodic party. All songs have a catchy riff, a nice vocal line and an infectious sense of rhythm. 'Book Of Lies' is even so catchy that it should be punishable by law. Fortunately, the band also shows that they can still be a death metal band, because 'As I Fall' and 'Buried' really come crashing out of your speakers. Vocalist Mikael Sehlin has a nice voice that can handle both the melodic pieces as well as the grunts and the guitars by Marcus Sunesson and bandleader Niklas Engelin are the thread through every song and they also provide the nice groove in most songs. Engel is a band that is able to deliver quality on every album and that is not a quality that most bands have. In addition, Engel is a band that refuses to let go of a formula for success and in any case does not disappoint the fans with a change of course that is doomed to alienate your fans (are you reading this, In Flames?) Engel should be a very big band, they should fill a large venue like the AFAS Live in Amsterdam. Perhaps after the release of 'Abandon All Hope' it twill finally happen.

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