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Come The Spring - Echoes

Come The Spring - Echoes

Label : Engineer Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Look, this is just what I needed. A nice English rock band. After Lonely The Brave it was - at least as far as I am concerned - a bit quiet with interesting bands from England. And now I can listen to this new album 'Echoes' by Come The Spring. And what the hell!? I just found out that in 2015 I did a review for their previous release, the demo 'Revive' from 2015. And I was already enthusiastic about that one. Unfortunately, it has been quiet for a few years around the boys, but on 'Echoes' we hear an inspired band that plays that typical English music, which fans of Editors, Hot Water Music, Frank Turner and related bands will certainly appeal to.

Come The Spring has nothing to do with metal or heavy rock. This is alternative rock in the broad sense of the word. The gentlemen are experienced musicians and gained experience in numerous bands in the English underground scene before the creation of Come The Spring in 2012. The band has released two demos so far and as mentioned, 'Echoes' is their first full length album. Although, full length; there are only seven tracks on this CD with less than half an hour of music. But ultimately it's about quality and not about quantity, right? And there is nothing wrong with the quality of their music. The guys present catchy song material that invites you to sing along (shout), to dance, to jump up, to really go nuts. Take for example the first single 'For What It's Worth'. That is a song in which bombast and a stadium sound go hand in hand with the English garage sound of Arctic Monkeys in a song that Alt-J would sign for. Great track. The same goes for the fiery 'Brighton And The Blues' in which I hear a bit of Lonely The Brave. I am very impressed by the vocals of Sam Craddock. He sings the lungs out of his body (although there is more control in his singing than on 'Revive') and you believe everything he sings. It is real, it is sincere. He also does this in the successful cover version of 'Boys Of Summer' (Don Henley), which receives a wonderful upgrade from the guys from Come The Spring. This is simply a top album. Hope to see them live at work soon!

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