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Body Void - I Live Inside A Burning House

Body Void - I Live Inside A Burning House

Label : Seeing Red Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Body Void, sludge the way you hear it more often nowadays. Vile, nasty, hateful. Along the lines of bands such as Primitive Man and Thou. Scrumptious in itself, but everybody starts to sound like everybody. Giving it a twist of their own seems like something you don’t see anymore. That is also the case with ‘I Live Inside A Burning House’ by these Americans from the Bay Area. In itself it is all well-executed what the listener gets thrown at him/her in 66 minutes. But like has been said it lacks character of its own. Besides, it tends to get quite monotonous after a while. After about thirty minutes you’ve heard it all and you have been pummelled into a mess and then to think that it is drawn out for more than extra half an hour.

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