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Paragon Collapse - The Dawning

Paragon Collapse - The Dawning

Label : Loud Rage Music | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Doom, a female vocalist who also plays violin in a four-piece band in which her husband plays guitar, coming from Romania and this happens to be the debut album ‘The Dawning’. That is the first information we can gather when this disc reaches us to review. Paragon Collapse has been around since 2011, but stood three years on hold from 2014 on and they never released something earlier. The couple Alex and Veronica Lefter appears to be the core of the band.

They like to compare themselves with Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, and although we are glad that these Czechs are considered as influence, I have to admit that they put a lot more diversity in their songs than this band and they have left the path of doom-like music many years ago. But anyways, the seven lengthy songs on this debut breathe quiescent thoughtful vibes. When taking opening track ‘The Endless Dream’ as example, then it starts with calm, plucking guitars, soon joined by melancholic violins. After a while heavier doom riffs join in and we hear the high-pitched female vocals of Veronica. These are contemplative and gracious. There are nice melodies on violin in the songs and riffs with momentum, but also very melodic guitar solos adding a nice zest to the whole thing. All of the songs are slow paced, vocals remain graceful and lovely and in ‘The Stream’ that already becomes a bit too monotonous, but for dreamy souls who have a liking for Blackmore’s Night this might be not an issue. ‘A Whisper Of Destiny’ happens to be instrumental, while ‘Nirvana’ bathes in folkloristic flavours due to vocals. Instrumental all the songs are built around beautiful plucking guitar patterns, a couple of firm doom riffs and gracious leads. With violin they always add a refined passage. It is a very thoughtful record, a kind of light doom or even better: melancholic melodic metal in a slow pace. Surely not death elements with Paragon Collapse, since we do not hear any rigorous outbursts and that contrasting effect might be a missing link for some.

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