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Spectral - Neural Correlates Of Hate

Spectral - Neural Correlates Of Hate

Label : Loud Rage Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Spectral is a Romanian band that released their debut album with 'Neural Correlates Of Hate'. Their style is close to Necrophagist, Death and Gorguts, so quite technical death metal. Finally a band that does not have the clinical approach of a band like Archspire, but more of an approach in the style of Death, more a combination of technique and feeling that gives the whole a somewhat warmer touch. Of course a lot of notes are played per minute, but it all seems to be to benefit a good song. Ranging from a little three minutes to over eight minutes, the Romanians know how to keep the songs attractive through nice solos, busy and effective riffing and a low sounding, almost guttural grunt. 'Ashes To Dust' is over before you know it even though it over eight minutes long and is especially memorable for its riffs that have a lovely groove. 'Neural Correlates Of Hate' and 'Hatred' are short, pounding songs that are just as effective as a hammer against your forehead. Romania may not be known for its death metal, but at least Spectral is doing its best to get the country on the map.

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