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Drakkar - Cold Winter’s Night

Drakkar - Cold Winter’s Night

Label : My Kingdom Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The Italian group Drakkar has had a few meagre years. Releases were postponed due to endless line-up changes, of which three last year. Guitarist and only remaining founding member Dario Beretta is not one to quit so easily though. With a new line-up, now sharing half its staff with doom metal band Crimson Dawn, there is finally some new music three years after ‘Run With The Wolf’. Four songs on an EP titled ‘Cold Winter’s Night’, of which three new pieces of music and one live version of ‘Invincible’, a song of the last album.

The opening title track is Drakkar as we know the band. Heroic sounding power metal that has a crafty way of combining elements of bands like Hammerfall, Mystic Prophecy and fellow Italians Wind Rose. In the main role there is still the tasty melodic guitar playing of Dario, and the vocals of Davide, who has quite a rough singing style for power metal standards. The fact that a song called ‘Black Sails’ brings some Running Wild to the table of influences might hardly be a surprise. Track number three, ‘Leviathan Rising, Death From The Depths Part 1’ is a more story-driven song and is more complex than we are used to from this band. This song is the prime reason that this EP is an interesting release. It definitely kicks impatience for more Drakkar music up a notch, hopefully there is a follow-up to this organ-driven song on the new album. Hopefully that new album is not years away again.

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