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Burden Of Grief - Eye Of The Storm

Burden Of Grief - Eye Of The Storm

Label : Massacre | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : This is another example of a band that does not know how or when to stop. I know, Maiden does not either, but they have a slightly different track record. With 'Eye Of The Storm' this German band launches album number seven. Like the six predecessors, this album is full of solid Swedish thrash/ death metal from the 90s.

It is a sympathetic bunch and the fighting spirit only causes admiration, but this band repeats itself hopelessly for years and years. The music is terribly out-dated and is now many times outclassed by similar, yet more actual acts. Of course these guys are not bad musicians and they have the metal heart in the right place. That is not open for debate. The six previous albums have, however, produced few songs that really impressed me. After several tries, I cannot conclude that album number seven has been able to touch a sensitive string. However, I cannot explain why. The songs just do not touch me, do not linger, do not make an impression. I think this band and I are just not a good match. Exceptions to the negativity above are the songs 'Killing Spree' and 'Breathe One's Last’. These songs aren’t really fantastic, but the songs move me slightly. That is because these songs are more vicious than the others. Incidentally, the songs on the second half of the album are a lot more entertaining than on the first half.

So, if you like good quality death / thrash, I think this is not a bad album. However, I advise you to first listen critically, because I cannot imagine that I am the only one who remains fairly untouched.

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