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Chalice - Ashes Of Hope

Chalice - Ashes Of Hope

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : To discover something good and new these days, it seems you have to travel the world. Or wait patiently for a new band to release a sparkling debut album. That it not always have to be this way, is proven by our very own Belgian Chalice. The band has existed for twenty years and with 'Ashes Of Hope' they now release their third full-length album. I actually had a bad sense of shame that I had never heard of them because this record managed to blow me away. No less than eight awesome tracks are on it. And one is even more bad-ass than the other. The band itself plays a blend of death and thrash metal. The vocals vary from rugged roar and screaming interspersed with a deep grunt and vocal lines that captivate from the beginning to the end. Sometimes a dark narrative voice and clean pieces are used, which enhances the atmosphere. Musically you fall from one surprise into another. Grooving riffs, melodic guitar work and fierce pieces are eagerly alternated with slower passages. You simply can’t resist it. Just listen to the sturdy opener 'Amongst The Damned'. 'Musings On The Bank' goes more in the emotional direction. The biggest surprise comes at the end with 'A Death Without Warning'. After an atmospheric start, you'll get exciting death metal, but towards the end there is a trip towards post metal. ‘Nuff said, you just have to discover this album.

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