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Chevalier - A Call To Arms

Chevalier - A Call To Arms

Label : Gates Of Hell Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: 12"

Nima : The old times revive and there are more and more interesting bands that focus on the old traditions and the old sound and spirit entering the scene. One of those interesting bands is the Finnish Chevalier, who self-released this EP last year. The EP was originally released in digital format and later also on CD (Forgotten Wisdom Productions) and cassette (Heavy Chains Records). Gates Of Hell, however, now comes with a vinyl version, which is the ideal format for this type of music. I didn’t know about this band before and so I’m grateful to them for this (re-)release, because dammit what a cool band this is.

What we have here is epic heavy/speed metal that is clearly influenced by bands like Brocas Helm, Omen, Heavy Load, Cirith Ungol and similar legends. Thanks to the female vocals, Chevalier also shows similarities to bands such as Messiah Force, ADX, Acid and fellow newcomers Steel Inferno. However, the music of this lady and gentlemen in general is faster and more extreme. Although there is enough variety, the music is quite up tempo and full of fast beats and especially guitar violence. The riffs and the guitar sound remind me a lot of Exciter at the time of 'Kill After Kill'. But Chevalier is much more than that. We also have the riffs and the atmosphere of old-school black/thrash (think of bands like Deströyer 666 but also old Bathory) along with a huge load of NWOBHM; a combination that often reminds of a band like Ironsword. Singer Emma has a beautiful, but also powerful voice that (partly thanks to a very fitting effect) has an enchanting and epic vibe and gives the music something beautifully sinister. The whole has a lovely chaotic old-school charm about it and seems to have come straight from the eighties. Despite all that and also the fact that we have nothing original or innovative here, the lady and the gentlemen have still managed to develop their own sound, which makes the band even more interesting. My only criticism is that the vocals could have been a bit louder in the mix. For the rest this is a magnificent product and highly recommended to fans of 80s epic heavy/speed metal.

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