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Defiatory  - Hades Rising

Defiatory - Hades Rising

Label : Black Lion Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The members of this Swedish thrash band have gained in the past a lot of experience in the more extreme metal genres. In 2015, Defiatory which is all about the Bay Area thrash direction in combination with Swedish thrash like The Haunted plays. A debut was released in 2016 with 'Extinct'. Now here comes the successor with 'Hades Rising'. And it is safe to say that they have perfected their sound.

The whole album floats on insanely sharp riffs (think of Slayer during their heydays), flanked by fast and ingenious drumming. The lead guitar showers you with both sharp and fierce solos as more melodic work. And on top of their musical qualities, they have with Martin Runnzell a singer with a big and fantastic throat. His rather heavy vocals sometimes are accompanied by a second grunt song that is more in the background. The extra backing vocals provide thunderous choruses. A modern production adds an extra dimension to the excellent sound. Just listen to opener 'In Hell'. After a short epic intro, a smoothly polished excellent song starts that instantly shows all the qualities of the band. This is continued in 'Dance Of The Dead' with fast and razor-sharp solos. 'King In Yellow' may well be the slowest song on the album. The horror atmosphere in which it is bathed, gives the listener a rotten and uneasy feeling. With songs like 'Down To His Kingdom Below' and the crazy fast 'Metatron' you can hear how strong Defiatory is performing. Defiatory definitely make their mark in the thrash scene and delivers one of the better albums of this genre of 2018.

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