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Graveshadow - Ambition’s Price

Graveshadow - Ambition’s Price

Label : M-Theory Audio | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : The second full album of Graveshadow is released at a moment that another hundred albums are to be released. The question is why to buy this album instead of one of the many others? In my opinion the strongest argument is the interesting mix of different music styles. On one hand there is this happy female-fronted rock where the singer tries to seduce you. On the other hand there are the doom-metal originated melody lines but also parts that might be found with bands as Anathema. But hey, how did this band start? Right! Then add fast and powerful guitar solos and an interesting musical journey is here.

But well, the most important ingredient is the one that brings us the vocal parts. In this case we find Heather Michele behind the mic and she is quite an interesting vocalist. At moment she hits the high notes as being a soprano, but these are just moments. Mostly she shows up being a rock singer. She is a fine rock singer. Not the best in the world but definitely not one that needs to grow a lot. It is above average. However she is amazing when she gets angry and starts to grunt. She is amazing when she is throwing her evil and filthy grunts at us. These ingredients result in an interesting second album that is to be released by ‘M-Theory Audio’, their new label. A new label and a new shot at an international break-through.

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