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Caliban - Elements

Caliban - Elements

Label : Century Media | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Twenty-one years ago, Caliban started out as a formidable metalcore band without any scruples. In recent years, however, they have chosen to add a lot of melodic and clean elements to their music. ‘Elements’ does have its share of aggressive pieces involved in which singer Andy Dörmer is doing is usual thing, and in 'Before Later Comes Never' his singing is really deathcore, but we can’t say it’s all very loud anymore. Now in the first half of the album they quite get away with the new melodic elements. Opener 'This Is War' is a tasty song that keeps on pounding forward. The crazy vocal parts are alternated with melodic vocal sequences. The percussion sounds excellent and, together with subtler additions of keyboards, creates a modern sounding piece of metal music. After half an hour however it ll becomes a bit cheesy. And I had it completely when the metalcore ballad 'Carry On' hit the speakers. It leans completely on electronics and cheesy choruses. Here has clearly been chosen for a pass to easy success with a preference for a young audience. It is of course their right to chance their music into anything they want to, but I really doubt the old fans will appreciate this new direction.

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