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Mos Generator - Shadowlands

Mos Generator - Shadowlands

Label : Listenable | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : The guys of Mos Generator from Port Orchard (Washington) are anything but newcomers on the scene. Before they started this band in the year 2000 they had known each other in several incarnations and now that their latest album, 'Shadowlands', is released, I believe we are allowed to expect quite a lot of them. The artwork, which could have totally come from 'The Lord Of The Rings', is also very promising.

The album starts out very nicely with the title track, radiating the feeling that you are caught in a 70's atmosphere of heavy hardrock. As soon as 'The Destroyer' sets in things are escalating quite fast, as if you are witnessing an intercontinental high speed train roll all over you and disappearing out of sight before you even know what hit you. And Mos Generator goes on presenting their songs like this, with a minimal of instruments and yet a full, complete sound. A number of these songs can easily be dubbed as gems, like the aforementioned, plus 'The Blasting Concept' and closing song 'The Wild & Gentle Dogs', for example. The last one not even necessarily because it rocks your socks off but because it creates a feeling of your soul being nibbled at in a convincing yet pleasurable way; a long and mostly instrumental piece. Yet, 'Shadowlands' is not a nonstop interesting piece, there are certain parts that seem somewhat uninspired and that really is a shame, even unnecessary when you consider that one of these parts is a three minute intro ('Stolen Ages'), although it has to be said that this intro manages to create a very nice, mellow atmosphere.

All in all this is quite a solid album. Musically it is done very professionally but every once in a while it sounds somewhat predictable and boring. Yet, most of it is good enough to consider this a nice album.

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