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QFT - Live In Space

QFT - Live In Space

Label : Despotz | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : We know Linnéa Vikström - at least, that would be possible - as a singer of Therion. With Quantum Field Theory - in short QFT - she now releases a kind of solo album. She says she is inspired by Black Sabbath and Spice Girls. Very funny. Not. Unfortunately, the musical content on ‘Live In Space’ is anything but funny.

The album does not really start with a bang. In 'End Of The Universe' Linnéa vocally goes a bit beserk, in a way that makes your toes curl. Complete over the top, completely out of tone and poured over a riff that Black Sabbath would have thrown in the trash 40 years ago. The following 'Big Bang' is really reminiscent of the bombast of Therion and the joyful of Spice Girls. So she is quite right after all... 'Black Hole 'is a song that leans on a good riff from guitarist Mano Lewys, while the ballad ‘QFT’ completely fails because Linnéa does not master certain pieces. Why do you sing parts that you cannot sing?! The three musicians who accompany her (besides Lewys on guitar are drummer Georg Egg and bassist Jonathan Olsson) make sure that this album remains a bit intact; they control their instruments more than adequately. But it is Mrs. Vikstrom herself who makes sure that this album is not easy to digest. The way she screams in 'Time', that is really hard to handle. Despite some nice ideas ('Quasar') a release to forget very quickly.

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