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The Ever Living - Herephemine

The Ever Living - Herephemine

Label : Chromism Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Sometimes you stumble upon an album and after studying the layout you are really very curious what it will be. It looks promising, but is this band going to live up to my expectations? And sometimes it is just no good and you slap yourself complacently on the knee while you tell the empty space around you: "Thought so!" The layout of 'Herephemine' looks very slick, interesting, even a bit suspicious, and it manages to raise high expectations, especially the song titles ('The Great Defeatist' and 'Foreboding Epiphany', among others), but let me tell you, The Ever Living delivers a solid piece of music that fulfils all that it promised to in the first place.

A young band from London that only recently released an EP (2016's 'The Ever Living'), and now offers us their debut album 'Herephemine', a record that sounds as if they have been making music together for quite a while. They have shared the stage with the likes of Skindred and Ghost Bath.

My initial thoughts when listening to this record was that I was hearing a very successful combination of black metal (vocals) and doom metal (music). Both genres that I enjoy very much, so even on the warm, sunny afternoon that I listened to this it managed to bring a smile to my icy heart. When you get a little deeper into the music you will get the idea that what this band is trying to do is paint sonic, cinematic (in their own, true words) landscapes, on which they put musical layer on top of musical layer, which results invariably in beautiful chapters in which it is easy to be submerged and get lost. Music is a combination of different instruments and in this case all of them, in spite of the very present dissonance, are in perfect harmony. With each song, The Ever Living manage to create a dark, almost hopeless ambiance.

This music sounds like something that you might hear flowing from one of the rooms on the Roadburn Sunday afternoon, while you are already tired and still hungover, but it intrigues you so you decide to take a look anyway and before you know it you have watched the entire set and are hoping the band will get back on stage and play it all over again. I am very curious to learn what The Ever Living will bring us in the future.

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