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Dimmu Borgir  - Eonian

Dimmu Borgir - Eonian

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : After more than seven years of silence, legendary Norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir will finally launch new work at the world early May. That world will have its first encounter with a parallel universe in which time is only an illusion and eternity can be found in the here and now. This theme may sound highfaluting, but music-wise you will find loads of familiar elements, the finesse can be found in details. These are getting more recognizable with every spin and soon ‘Eonian’ becomes compelling, yes even addictive. In a crystal-clear production from the band itself with a Swedish mix by upper sound guru Jens Bogren, everything comes tight and overwhelming out of your speakers.

‘Eonian’ gives more room to the catchy guitar skills of Silenoz and Galder, includes thunderous drum work of Daray and has a special charm due to the frivolous, gothic keyboard parts – a hint to the nineties – of Gerlioz. Above this all, the dark, creepy throat of Shagrath reigns. Sometimes kind of storytelling, then raw and wicked, but always intelligible. In his wake, massive choirs resound, regaled with symphonic grandness. Yet this amalgamation remains lighter this time, so that opener ‘The Unveiling’ and the first single ‘Interdimensional Summit’ promptly can be labeled as fetching and accessible. Next the stiff rocking ‘ÆTheric’ leads us towards a first highlight. ‘Council Of Wolves And Snakes’ brings us any new elements. It begins with oriental atmospheres, leading to an eruption that reminds me a bit of ‘Seasons In The Abyss’ of Slayer, followed by tight-as-hell guitar runs.

Interesting here are the ethnic Joik chants (guest singer is Norwegian actor), the unusual percussion (Martin Lopez – Soen) and the melancholic tone of the choir. Yet also this song has any fervent accelerations. The classic black metal of ‘Lightbringer’ and the bombast of ‘I Am Sovereign’ instantly haunt you, then we enjoy wading through the darkness of ‘Archaic Correspondence’. Soaring keyboards and violins are in cinematic contrast with the blastbeats in ‘Alpha Aeon Omega’ which has a walking pace rhythm. They round off instrumentally and drawling with the magnificent ‘Rite Of Passage’, another remarkable track. That’s how familiar and new elements are blend in a captivating mixture to celebrate the 25 years existence of the band in full ardour. This is the comeback of the year with a more guitar oriented album, a hint to their early days, but also multilayered with orchestration and excellent choirs!

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