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The Death Wheelers - I Tread On Your Grave

The Death Wheelers - I Tread On Your Grave

Label : RidingEasy Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Canadian quartet The Death Wheelers present to us a good and solid debut album titled 'I Tread On Your Grave'. It is an instrumental record and whenever I read instrumental I get a little more sceptical because I usually find those a little hard to digest. There are a lot of bands that do not fare well without using vocals but in this case, well, you had better be ready!

'I Tread On Your Grave' tells the story of a gang of bikers that have been laid to rest by local authorities in 1972. Now they rise from their graves in order to reform their gang, spread havoc from coast to coast and eventually exact vengeance on those who wronged them. The only things used to tell this tale are the song titles (like 'Sleazy Rider Returns' and 'Moto Vampiro'), the instruments and the well placed spoken passages of which the one in 'Roadkill' is my favourite by far, simply because that is exactly the kind of conversation I often have myself. ("Could you give us some of your political beliefs?" "Kill everyone now!", taken from the movie 'Pink Flamingos'.)

With a nice, heavy sound, I would even go as far as calling it dirty, but in the good way, the saga of The Death Wheelers unfolds. We hear many different musical influences, making the music interesting to various genres, but to keep in line with the story I like to resemble it to Motörhead, but a lot sludgier and a lot doomier. Never do the songs get lost in long-windedness and they manage to keep the listener's attention. Pretty soon after you have put this record on you will find yourself stuck in Tarantino-ish scenes, and I would dub this A-music for cult B-movies. 'Moby Dick', a Led Zeppelin cover and album closer, is a great tribute John Bonham!

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