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Theotoxin - Consilivm

Theotoxin - Consilivm

Label : Massacre | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Busting down the Holy gate from the start, just like on their debut album ‘Atramentvm’! last year! Yes, Theotoxin is back already and releases its second full length within a year, but we can’t speak of overkill since ‘Atramentvm’ was only 28 minutes of godless violence. While the debut was self-released, Theotoxin now is signed by the renowned label Massacre and they will release the new record 'Consilivm'.

Even though they went through some line-up changes the Austrian destroyers continue where they left, nailing everything to the cross what they encounter. Fast to extremely fast black/death metal is what is being played here. Your skin and flesh will be torn from your bones by this savage mutiny. Singer Michael Frick had the difficult task of making us forget the excellent growls of Mantus and succeeds wonderfully well doing so. Michaels vocals are even more intimidating and versatile. From almost black metal shrieking to deep death metal grunts with a few variations in between does not seem a problem. Guitar heroes Martin Frick and Fabian Rauter string the cutting riffs to each other as rosary beads while every extreme metal band wants a drummer as Flo Musil. A deadly machine that endlessly bludgeons together the sickest combinations! This blasphemous mash called ‘Consilivm’ is sticking to your bones until that is consumed as well.

No downsides to find on this hell of a record made in Austria and if Theotoxin continues to work as hard as they do now, with the same ambition and willpower, they will certainly exceed the majority of bands in the genre. In any case, they have got the ability to distinguish themselves from the overcrowded blackened death metal scene. Highly recommended!

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