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Overwind - I Can Do It Again

Overwind - I Can Do It Again

Label : Bad Reputation | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Hailing from the south of Russia, Overwind has finished their third album. They play a brand of metal that seems to balance somewhere in between traditional heavy metal and optimistic power metal, but it is more the latter than the former. The band has not yet celebrated their fifth birthday and yet they have already released three albums (and an EP): 'Illustrator' (2014), 'Level Complete' (2015) and now 'I Can Do It Again'. Throughout their short existence they have frequently changed singer, but this has not prevented them from polishing their sound to what we can hear on this record.

Eleven songs that have all the ingredients that you would expect a young power metalband to include in their music: a lot of solo guitar, many epic sounds, no fear to touch that synthesizer, occasionally a hard-hitting, fast song, and a varied use of the vocals, although most of it is high and clear. The lyrics showcase (and justly so) social criticism but offer a hopeful view. The singer on this album is mister Diego Teksuo, from Spain, and he manages to successfully utilize his vocals in a couple of different ways. Both the high and clear verses that I mentioned and the angrier, lower vocals match his voice and the music very well. And that music is also put together well. Speaking quality, this a very good album, and the gentlemen's enthusiasm is clearly audible throughout the entire trip. is not a super original product. The power metal scene in general does not show a whole lot of progression at this moment. Overwind offers a progressive sound on some of the tracks and it would be really great if a young, enthusiastic band like this could infuse the genre with a fresh, original twist. I do not want to put any pressure on anyone, but I believe they have what it takes.

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