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Madhouse - Metal Or Die

Madhouse - Metal Or Die

Label : Iron Shield Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Madhouse is a German band that started in 1987. At the time they released two demos and in 2018 it is time for a first album. So that may have taken a while. The band broke up in 1991 but since 2014 they are together again and that yields the album 'Metal Or Die'. Musically, the band can best be described as a mixture of thrash and heavy metal with a singer who sounds a bit like Jello Biafra. Unfortunately, the majority of the songs are not really great and we have to wait until the end of the cd for the tracks 'Metal Or Die' and 'Psycho God' before anything really remarkable comes to surface. 'Machinery' is, for example, a song that is a kind of schlager on speed and so there are even more straightforward tunes that just pass by.

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