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Befouled - Refuse To Rot

Befouled - Refuse To Rot

Label : Great Dane Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : With an album that was produced and mixed in Tomas Skogsbergs Studio you know at least one thing for sure: the production will be awesome anyway. But I also had to determine for myself that albums that I have received so far and that have been released in collaboration with the above, in my case always hit the right nerve and left a lasting impression. Immediately after I received this album I was therefore very curious what it would be in the case of ‘Refuse To Rot’ by Norwegian Befouled.

If you have a thing for Death 'n Roll then I can guarantee that ‘Befouled’ can be an interesting band for you. The death metal of the 5 guys is filthy and shows a big influence from the 90s. Strong guitar sound, heavy grooves and even some similarities with bands such as At The Gates are to be found here, and exactly in these moments the music has a very powerful character. I love the variety in the screams and grunts of singer Frederik Aas, this is something that can quickly become too monotonous, but I am really convinced of his qualities. So I can conclude that the red line will continue and I will also trust in the future that only above-average interesting record will leave the Studio of Tomas Skogsberg.

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