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Pripjat - Chain Reaction

Pripjat - Chain Reaction

Label : NoiseArt Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : In 2014 was the release of Pripjat's first album, 'Sons Of Tjernobyl'. This was a nice thrash metal album that clearly referred to the thrash metal of the eighties (the German version to be precise), but was also lacking originality and songs that really stuck in your head. The band did, however, gain a good live reputation, which made the world somewhat curious about a new album. Now there will soon be 'Chain Reaction', the infamous second one. The songs on 'Chain Reaction' sound sharper, faster and more thoughtful than on the debut album. The vocals of singer Kirill also sound rawer and more mature, which makes the overall sound even better. Of course the band does not add new things to thrash metal in general, but they sound much more like Pripjat, which is a good thing. A unique identity, which is always an advantage in a world with a lot of similar sounding bands. On 'Survival Of The Sickest 'you clearly hear what I mean, a fusion of Tankard and Kreator creating a Pripjat song. Although most songs are fairly fast, they have also built in some necessary variety in tempo, also a sign that the band has grown. 'Chain Reaction' is a big step forward for the band and if this album is promoted live then you should definitely check out the band.

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