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Mind Patrol - Against All Predictions

Mind Patrol - Against All Predictions

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Mind Patrol is a new Swiss thrash metal band and therefore not to be confused with the Luxemburg Mindpatrol that released their debut a while ago. So no mistakes there. This Mind Patrol plays old-school thrash in the style of the pre-historic Metallica, Kreator and Havok. Seven songs filled with high speed thrash and the bands bombard us with recognizable riffs and ripping solos. Every now and then you also hear a touch of antique Anthrax in it. The band has already had the necessary live experience and you can also hear that from the tightness with which it is all played here. Not all songs are equally successful, but that does not matter now. For example, 'Drinking Song' is simple in text ("It's Friday Night, We'll Go To The Pub And Order Some Pints" ...) and musically also not the most outstanding song. Opposite is a song like 'Till We Die' with excellent guitar work. An interesting band this Mind Patrol. I wonder where a next release is going to lead. Some more songs as the earlier mentioned 'Till We Die' and the outstanding 'Doomsday' and they will be fine.

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