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Coilguns - Millenials

Coilguns - Millenials

Label : Hummus Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : their four EP's). Five years is quite a long time, but the members of Coilguns also have various other musical projects that demand their time. 'Millenials' is well worth the wait though! Musically it fits right into the style of its predecessor and it is not very clear what label to put onto it. Something that should no longer be surprising these days.

Coilguns initially set out to make fast, simple music, and the first thing I think about when I hear that is punk and hardcore; the hardcore influences are definitely present, although this band manages to elevate it to something a lot richer and developed and I think "simple" really is not the right word here. It is loud and fast and it certainly knows how to create an oppresive, aloof atmosphere that is at the same time quite addictive; a heavy background that constantly holds the promise that at any moment it will go into all different directions.

Maybe at first the music sounds a little bit too much, and very chaotic, but if you soak up the sounds and let them do their job you will realize there is a certain, beautiful logic at work here. Coilguns really know what they are doing and this becomes especially evident when listening to the song 'Millenials', a very streamlined track that blows over you like a cloud of very refined razorblades, but instead of leaving behind a steaming, red pile you will look behind you and see a very tight, controlled red sea. The entire album is brimming with energy, enthusiasm and creativity and breathes out an attitude of "we don't care", and that is a good thing because that kind of attitude means you are making the exact music that you want to play.

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