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Blood Tsunami - Grave Condition

Blood Tsunami - Grave Condition

Label : Soulseller Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Blood Tsunami is a Norwegian band that originally played old school thrash metal, but added more influences of punk and hardcore in the course of their career. Especially their previous album 'For Faen' already showed that very clearly. On the new album 'Grave Condition' they have continued along that line and with that they also go further and further away from my personal taste. The overall sound is a bit messy for me but I do realize that that is part of the crust punk / thrash metal genre. ‘Grave Condition’ has turned out to be an album that can be bought blindfolded by fans, because the songs are full of deliciously galloping drums, fast and measured riffs and raw vocals by singer Pete Evil. Within the time span of about 30 minutes ten songs are unleashed upon you that show you measured and controlled aggression that may not have been tailormade for me, but are totally hip nowadays. The black-and-white cover is also in the tradition of the crust punk / thrash metal crossover genre, so as said before it is completely and absolutely necessary for fans of Toxic Holocaust and related souls.

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