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Lusca - Broken Colossus

Lusca - Broken Colossus

Label : Musical Tragedies | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Sometimes there are albums which somehow don’t resonate with you even though the music is the sort that usually does it for you. ‘Broken Colossus’ by Lusca is such an album for me. It contains all the elements that normally appeal to me. It is doom with some noise and industrial influences, at times it is extremely repetitive, but it just doesn’t hit home with me. What can be heard is that these German gentlemen surely know what they are doing and what they do they do well. People that like noise, industrial doom should certainly give ‘Broken Colossus’ a chance. Hopefully it will all make sense to them. And maybe I will get it after some time. Only time will tell.

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