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Witchcvlt 71 - Blessings In Black

Witchcvlt 71 - Blessings In Black

Label : Off The Record | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Marcel H. : Witchcvlt 71 from The Netherlands is the brainchild of Tjeerd de Jong (Stone In Egypt, Serpentarius). Tjeerd, who plays the bass and guitar here is vocally helped out by Michiel Dekker (The Monolith Deathcult) who handles the screams here and by Robin Kok (The Monolith Deathcult) and on drums by Ingmar Regeling (ex-Stone In Egypt). There are also guests present such as A.J. van Drenth (Temple, Beyond Belief, Extreme Cold Winter) who does vocals on ‘New Maps Of Hell’, lead guitars by Rob Woning (Dead Head, Beyond Belief) and Ronnie van der Wey (Dead Head) on ‘Skull Generation’ and Hammond organ by Carsten Altena (The Monolith Deathcult) and spoken word by Stephen Jester.

Well that the line-up technicalities out of the way. On to the music that lasts 26 minutes. The band describes it as supermassive doom in the tradition of bands such as Cathedral, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Sourvein, Warhorse. Well, that description is totally spot-on. The vocals of Robin Kok and Michiel Dekker complement each other perfectly and add something extra to the songs. A.J. van Drenth’s guest vocals are a perfect fit for ‘New Maps Of Hell’. It is great to hear A.J. sing again. I thought we would never see/hear the day again. All four songs are varied and captivate from start to finish. This EP makes me long for more. With Witchcvlt 71 we’ve gained another strong doom band/project. Hopefully it will not remain as a one-off project.

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