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Svederna - Svedjeland

Svederna - Svedjeland

Label : Carnal Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : On ‘Svedjeland’, the second long player of the Swedish trio Svederna, a whole lot of blood and bile is spit, because the screams of singer J. Holmberg carry such a hate and are so penetrating that even most diehard metal fans will pee in their pants. But not only the vocals are terrifying, also the sawing guitar work has it in it and creates enough goose bumps moments. Despite all the coarseness and roughness, the Swedes manage to provide their black metal with just enough melody to deviate from the standard 90s oriented black metal and to make the music more accessible to the accidental black metal listener. Because precisely with that bit of melody in combination with the present thrash influences, which sound a bit punky at times, Svederna create a well-pronated character. Despite all influences, the core of their music will not get lost and tight black metal is in the forefront. Svederna will certainly not usher in a third wave or black metal (discussion point, I know, but on April 20th we are treated with the sovereign album ‘Svedjeland’, which distinguished itself by its interesting song intros and striking vocals.

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