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Shrine Of The Serpent - Entropic Disillusion

Shrine Of The Serpent - Entropic Disillusion

Label : Memento Mori | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : When a band consists of ex-members of such bands as Aldebaran, Graves At Sea, Triumvir Foul then you can be sure that what is on offer is as heavy as a blue whale. And indeed, ‘Entropic Disillusion’ is a doom death album of the heaviest sort. It is not only heavy but also a totally gloomy affair that sucks all life out of you and your surroundings and sees to it that everything turns to grey and withers away and dies. The release date cannot be more appropriate than be set on the day that I turn Fifty. Well done Memento Mori, a fine moment to remind myself that death in inevitable. For fans of the genre ‘Entropic Disillusion’ is a mighty fine album which drags on and destroys everything in its way. Are you on the look-out for doom death of the melodic kind then please listen to the album before deciding to purchase it.

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