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Remain Untamed - Remain Untamed

Remain Untamed - Remain Untamed

Label : Headbangers Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Koen B. : Remain Untamed’s first MCD is finally unleased upon fucking mankind! The band from Haarlem / The Netherlands rose from the ashes from acts such as Skeletons Of Society, Brutal Obscenity and T.C.F. and were signed by Headbangers Records in almost a blink of an eye. I’ve seen the band perform live several times since their induction in 2016 and therefore I already knew what these guys (Stein Steeman / drums, Vinnie Schram / vocals, Patrick Mosch / guitars, Ernst Van Baak / bass, Hans Hostile / guitars) are capable of. Their performances were pretty rude!

This untitled five tracker however was kind of a surprise for me. In a positive kind of way that is. Partly this is on the account of producer Jory Hogeveen (also in Shinigami) who provided the band with a great wall of sound, partly of Headbangers Records’ label manager Marco Van Empel who instantly had blind faith in Remain Untamed, but most of all the old farts in the band that created five tracks with a rejuvenated energy and a musical prowess that can be witnessed on their ‘Remain Untamed’ MCD. Fans of Excel, Sheer Terror, Beowulf, Suicidal Tendencies, GangGreen and so on can buy this one without any hesitation.

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