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LLNN - Deads

LLNN - Deads

Label : Pelagic Records | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : As hard as a sledgehammer, totally ruthless, dystopian, apocalyptic, that’s the best way to describe the music on ‘Deads’ by LLNN form Denmark. At first listen any form of subtlety seems to be lacking, but after a couple of spins the layers in the music reveal themselves. Especially the keyboards are not noticed at first listen, while that is the instrument which gives depth to the violence on offer. Christian Bonnesen’s screamy vocals cut right to the bone and might chase some people away from the music on offer on ‘Deads’. Musically it’s a mix of post metal, noise and sludge with some hardcore traits, with at its core post metal. Quite often it comes across as a lovechild/hatechild of Neurosis, Converge, and Unsane. With a bit more variation this fine album would have been even better.

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