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Graveyard - Back To The Mausoleum

Graveyard - Back To The Mausoleum

Label : War Anthem Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik M. : The Spanish Graveyard growls rude since 2007 and did this already on six previous releases, of which the last sign of life, ‘Thine Is The Darkness’ was released in 2016. The band wants to strengthen its ten-year existence with this new EP. The five tracks are in line with the latest release, but the whole is rougher. The band wanted to approach the recording this time differently and influenced by the ‘Into The Mausoleum’ (2006) recording session they captured the four tracks (and an intro). The end result does indeed have the right old school feel, but above all sounds like a death metal release with a 'fits like a glove' sound. The four tracks consistently ramble in the street of bands such as (the old) Entombed or Carnage. This jubilee EP is definitely worth celebrating!

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