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Fister - No Spirit Within

Fister - No Spirit Within

Label : Listenable | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Hateful sludge. If I find one sort of sludge really nice it is that sort of sludge. And guess what? Yes, Fister plays that sort of thing. Almost fifty minutes spread over seven songs, of which the first one is an intro. So nicely long songs where the band takes the time to build a song and totally demolishes and destroys the listener in that timespan. It isn’t just a downright brutal and violent attack using steamrollers and sledgehammers. No, the band possesses the art of demolition by means of subtlety. A dreamy riff here, another there which puts you on the wrong foot all the while the bass pulls out your fingernails at that moment. That sort of thing. On the previous work of the gentlemen, the two splits that were released before this album, Fister made me think of Primitive Man. On ‘No Spirit Within’ nothing is left of that sound and the band sounds as itself. Due to this sound of their own it all goes down well and makes you long for more at the end of the ride.

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