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Crosson - Invincible

Crosson - Invincible

Label : Metalapolis Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : After a first glance at the cover of the new album by Crosson, you could get the idea this might be the new soundtrack for a Dragonball Z movie. But nothing further from the truth, the red headed personage on the, drawn, cover is frontman and name giver Jason Crosson. We are dealing with a very flamboyant Australian rocker, who changed his image a few times quite dramatically up til now. Musically Crosson mostly leans towards what Alice Cooper is known for.

With ‘Invincible’ Crosson releases their second album. Mixing was done by known producer Duane Baron. He once handled production for bands like Motley Crue, Ozzy and Alice Cooper, so the production leaves nothing to complain about. After the vocals set in on opening track ‘Rock Warriors’ it is clear that Jason Crosson has done a very weak vocal performance besides playing guitar and keyboards. The vocal opening lines for the track ‘Hero’ are not very pleasant to the ears. The lyrics to ‘Rock Warriors’ are fun though, with references to famous rock acts and songs. Musically, it is not bad at all, a good example is ‘Broken’, but man, those vocals…..’Never Give Up’ is by far the most commercial song on the album. The accompanying biography states that this song will even make Desmond Child (writer of many Bon Jovi hits) tap his feet in enjoyment. Mmm… do not think he will. Losing touch with reality me thinks. If the biography is to be believed Crosson live is an event in itself. All systems will go when Crosson hits the stage. Let us just hope that the vocals will be better live than on ‘Invincible’. As extravagant the looks of Jason Crosson are, his songwriting abilities are not that impressive. But, on a positive note; this record does not contain such an idiotic track like ‘I Wanna Be Japanese’ on the previous album. Best advice to Jason Crosson is to find himself a good vocalist for his band. If Crosson maintains to follow this path, he will never be part as a known rocker like the ones he cites in the lyrics during ‘Rock Warriors’.

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