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Bleed From Within - Era

Bleed From Within - Era

Label : Century Media | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : That Scotland not only has bagpipes, haggis and pirate metal to offer is proven by Bleed From Within. For a good ten years they trash the stage with their extreme metalcore. The aggressive outbursts of singer Scott Kennedy cause big explosions of violence and fortunately he stays away from the clean emotional vocals that a lot of other metalcore bands are suffering from. Musically everything has been worked out to perfection. The sharp production ensures an extremely modern result. The band has found the perfect balance between aggression and melody and has found that it is not always very fast to play. 'Crown Of Misery' is by far one of the best songs in the genre. When Scott shouts the magic word “GO” after an exuberant start, you get a burst of uplifting music that calls for the most insane moshpits. On occasion, delicate additions of keyboards can be heard. The already raised sound becomes even more massive. Bleed From Within shows that they have a lot to offer. Fans of the genre will go crazy over this.

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