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Amanda White - Kittens Give Zero Fucks

Amanda White - Kittens Give Zero Fucks

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Well, how can I put my thoughts about this CD into words? That is difficult. Amanda White is the name of this lady and with 'Kittens Give Zero Fucks' she releases her second studio album. Luckily I have never heard her debut album. In her bio, this lady writes that she and her band play a mix of for example pop-punk and symphonic metal and that because of her opera-trained voice the band thrives. Now that must be a joke. Or maybe they sent the wrong bio with the wrong CD. Because 'Kittens Give Zero Fucks' is of a questionable level.

How deep or low can you go one wonders. I do not know. Amanda does not know either, but she makes a serious attempt to look for that lower limit. The songs are laughably bad, the voice of Amanda is laughably bad and the sound is like it’s recorded with a phone in a garage box. I mean 'Whackadoodle World', just listen to it. You’ll be flabbergasted. But not pleasantly. Apparently, years ago I did not take a CD of guitarist Ross Byron too seriously, but that was still genius compared to this dribble. But as I said; it is impossible to summarize how bad this is into words. Just ignore this disc for your own good.

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